The GSG Ceramic Design, a company specializing in the production of sanitary ware, was
created in 1968, by the founder Antonio Giovannini, in Civita Castellana, the most
important ceramic district of Italy.

The evolution of the company has led the production of neoclassical models to the current
offer of products with an extremely modern design, unique of their kind.

In every moment of its history colour has always been a part of the DNA and is in the offer
of the GSG Ceramic Design, identifying it as the "colored ceramic" company: from red to
orange, from pink to blue, from brown to black, with both glossy and matte tones.

The GSG Ceramic Design is present all over the world, from Italy to European countries and
from Asia to the Americas, obtaining important commercial successes in synergy with a
selected and professional clientele.

From '68 to today with a technical and commercial evolution the GSG Ceramic Design has
been and will always remain true to some basic principles on which customers can
always rely on:

1 - High quality production
2 - strong personality design
3 - constant evolving offer
4 - excellent value for money
5 - attention to the clientele

Choosing a GSG Ceramic Design product will always mean choosing value beyond a